The cost of living has risen dramatically in recent years, and current events such as COVID-19, the invasion in Ukraine, and not to mention our country’s socio-economic issues have added more financial burden for many people.

What is Biomuti Sprout?

Biomuti Sprout is a distributor model, which allows every South African to sell our products to there immediate network and earn money. Now with Biomuti Sprout, distributors can purchase there Sales Starter kit and pay for their stock via PayFlex. 

The Biomuti Sprout is not at all like Multi-Level Marketing. Multi-Level Marketing is the practice of selling goods or services on behalf of a company in a system in which participants receive a commission on their sales and the sales of anyone they recruit. So you discover that someone is only compensated through recruitment of people but they are not promoting the products.

We are creating an entrepreneurial platform with Biomuti Sprout. You become your own boss as soon as you become a Biomuti Sprout. There is no hierarchy, and no one benefits from your efforts. You have complete control over your money at all times. You pay for your stock and manage it however you see fit. 

Biomuti Sales Kit

This kit is enhanced with additional product versions of the Business Pack gives a new Biomuti Sprout the opportunity to use the products and get their own great results as they start their Biomuti business. In addition to the Biomuti® Sales Kit , Biomuti Books 1-2, product literature, and sales aids, the Super Starter includes a kit consisting of (25) Capsules formulation range + CBD Oil range and Herbal CBD Tea range. The contents of the kit are subject to change based on product availability.

Can I Become A Sprout?

A Sprout can be anyone. It makes no difference whether you are young or old, employed, self-employed, or unemployed. Everyone has the opportunity to earn money.

Working Class – You can sell to your coworkers. Work colleagues can also buy gifts for family members or friends.

Self-Employed – You can add Biomuti products to their catalogue and earn extra money in addition to the products and services you provide.

Professionals – Doctors and other medical practitioners can stock up for their practices and recommend the products to their patients. This means that they will earn an additional income from the sales they make.

Unemployed Youth – With the country’s high unemployment rate, being a Biomuti Sprout would be beneficial to them because they could earn money while seeking for employment elsewhere. Better yet, because this will be their sole source of income, individuals can build a large client base and become more successful.

The wonders of this initiative are that people will always purchase medicine, and the advantage is that Biomuti Products are natural plant based, and people are always looking for natural alternatives to help with their ailments.

Get stock for R5000 & Your income will be R2700!

When you are Biomuti Sprout/ distributor, you can receive stock worth up to R7700 but only pay upfront R1250. The Standard Sales Kit cost R5000, your income will be R2700. You can double your earning by purchasing our Super Sales Kit.

This means that a Biomuti Sprout will only have to pay 25% of the total cost of any package they choose. The remaining balance can then be paid off over a six-weeks period in 3 manageable payments. You can also attend your training virtually or by coming to our offices, where we will conduct face-to-face training with you. Dates and times for training will be communicated via email and SMS after you have made your Sales Kit purchase.

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