Who Are We

BIOMUTI is a dedicated herbal medicines company specializing in high-value, efficacious ethnobotanical products drawn from Africa’s healing traditions. We are continually researching indigenous African medicinal plants with a long history of safety and efficacy to make this traditional wisdom available, ethically and respectfully, to the modern Western culture. Biomuti is a 100% black-owned and led company.

What We Do

Our emphasis is on the production and marketing of products infused with medicinal plants for the treatment of several diseases and afflictions. Our standardized plant-based products are tested in a state-of-the-art laboratory for quality and safety to ensure you get the most trusted products.

Our Commitment

We believe that the future of the medicinal plant is unlimited. Through the innovative and responsible application of science, we will enhance the prosperity and well-being of our customers, employee, and communities. We are committed to pioneering Ethnobotanical Evolution as the leading producer of quality plant-derived products.

The Visionary Behind Biomuti Group

Serial entrepreneur, Tebogo Tlhopane is the founder and CEO of Biomuti Group, a healthcare business that specialises in complimentary medicine, including medicinal cannabis. He is also the Chairman of the Cannabis Traders Association, an organisation that strives to recognise and regulate cannabis related products for health and wellbeing, paving a way forward for this job creating sector.

Tebogo comes from a family of healers, both his Grandmother and Mother are Sangomas* and he grew up in South Africa surrounded by plant medicines. His earlier career took him into the technology space, developing software for communications and payment services. He pioneered the handheld payment device and, for a period of four years (2003-2007), he lived in China launching payment gateways. After that he spent over six years in Thailand, where he had a jewellery manufacturing business. He met his wife there and the couple have since settled in Johannesburg, South Africa with their children.

Tebogo finds his work with plant medicine to be the most rewarding he has ever done; seeing how it helps and changes people’s lives has kept him inspired to continue promoting products that can deliver these benefits to people.

*traditional medicine practitioner and healer

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